A letter from our KY Peace Corps recruiter

Hello Kentucky RPCVs,

I recently completed one year as a Peace Corps Recruiter, and have had the pleasure to meet so many of you around the state. From helping recruit at events to sharing crazy stories from service over a drink, it has been a pleasure. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

I thought it might be helpful to offer periodic on points of interest about Peace Corps and how recruitment is going. This is the first so it’s a bit long…

· University Partnerships: This past spring, after a competitive application process, Murray State University signed an MOU to become the FIRST and ONLY school in Kentucky to offer the Peace Corps Prep program. It will likely launch this fall, and there is much enthusiasm and support all around campus. Other schools that are interested may also apply for the Peace Corps Prep program, or the Coverdell Fellows Program. ßThere are currently NO partner schools in KY for it…c’mon UK and UofL!

· Nashville Recruiter: There is currently a hiring process underway to hire a Regional Recruiter to be based in Nashville, TN. If you are recently returned and still have NCE, you can post your resume here. The Nashville Recruiter will be nearer to and therefore take over the southwest part of the state (Murray and Bowling Green).

· New territory update: From here on out, I’ll also be covering Southwest Ohio, including Cincinnati and Dayton. It will be exciting to visit new places, but I doubt they can beat Kentucky hospitality!

· Peace Corps at any age: This May, Peace Corps is celebrating Older Americans Month and its 55th birthday by reaching out to inspire the 50+ population to serve. A special event will be held on May 17th in Louisville with RPCV guest speakers Lettie Heer, Jordan Dye and John Shealy. Share this video with anyone over the age of 50 that you think would make a great Peace Corps Volunteer, or to find some inspiration to serve again!

· Kentucky PCVs by the numbers: I’ve attached a table showing information about PCVs from colleges and universities around the state in the last 3 years. You are all part of the great legacy of service in the state, and the best asset Peace Corps has to inspire others to serve. If you have ideas or suggestions on how to build up interest at certain schools or among certain groups, feel free to reach out to me!

· Recruiting future PCVs: If you haven’t had a chance to see what the new application process is about, check out these positions that we’re actively seeking candidates for. It’s similar to a hiring process for employment: we’re looking for the best people for the job and to represent America’s diversity in its many forms. Maybe you know the perfect person for the job! I’ll also be in touch about opportunities to help at recruitment events.

Thank you for your continued commitment to Peace Corps and happy Spring!

Angela Hamilton
Regional Recruiter (Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio)
RPCV, Dominican Republic 06-09; Response Guatemala 13-14

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